Hey everyone, I'm sad that it had to come to this, but it's finally time.
Due to an even higher volume of harassment and slander that I've been met with in the past few weeks, I am entirely quitting modding.
Some people might've realized already that the Discord link is missing on the website, I am scheduling my Discord account for termination.
I have released new, final versions of every mod I still actively support, from NFS to Midtown Madness, just to make sure nothing is left unfinished or inconsistent.

It turns out the people who have been harassing me non-stop for the past 3 years were not stopped by me simply quitting GTA.
I have recently heard that they were trying to pin the GTA V leaks on me, and considering they're willing to go THIS far, even putting me into the crosshairs of Take-Two, and also considering people are believing it wholesale, I am not going to risk anything this serious. I quit.

Before that though, I'd like to make a final statement about everything that I've been put through over the years. Basically a warning about ever interacting with the GTA modding community.
If you haven't read my previous post about quitting GTA, go read it now. It'll put a lot of things into context.

For some additional context, we'll have to go WAY back. I've already said that these people are willing to use years-old out of context screenshots to discredit and slander me, so we're going all the way back to 2020, when I was 16.
At that time, I was part of a GTA IV multiplayer community. We were basically the main group of people who still played MP, organized events, etc. My Discord server was originally a place only for this community.
In fact, this is where both ZPatch and ZMenu initially came from! ZPatch being a fork of XLivelessAddon with compatibility for Games for Windows - LIVE, to make features such as the intro skip work in multiplayer, and ZMenu being a replacement for Simple Native Trainer for messing about in freemode, since patch removed the separated lobby system between modders and non-modders but broke compatibility with Simple Native Trainer, so we had to find or create an alternative, which is where I stepped in and ZMenu was born.

It was a tight community, we took care of our own and self-moderated the Peer 2 Peer matches, so we could play in public lobbies and not be bothered by the countless cheaters.
For context, it was remarkably easy to just go on Google and install a mod that allows you to crash the games of entire lobbies of players. We were trying to counter this in any way possible, and were mostly successful in doing so, although there were some really sophisticated tools that could crash lobbies in a single frame after the player joined in.
I was one of the main people who helped with this anti-cheat effort, I created ways to auto-kick and auto-ban cheating players if you're the host of a match, first based on player name, then based on XUID (the Xbox Live user ID), PCID (an Xbox Live generated unique ID, completely random) and IP.
All of this information is in plain view as the game's multiplayer is Peer 2 Peer, which makes this rather simple. If I recall correctly, a part of this still lives on in a similar community called GTRF, where they are using a special script to ban cheaters on an XUID blacklist if the community is hosting a game.

This is the context for where screenshots like this come from:


(I apologize for some of the wording, I wasn't exactly as progressive when I was 16 as I am now)

All of which were in the community Discord, in which we were updating each other's ban lists, and lists of people to look out for. You don't even have to look elsewhere for context, most of it is right there in the screenshots, talking about people crashing lobbies and how we had to IP-ban them. To clarify even further, none of this was ever part of any version of any mod I've ever released, this was a strictly private moderation tool, just for the community.
The only thing I did wrong here was not clearing all the old logs earlier, as soon as my server became more than just a small GTA IV multiplayer community, which I do admit was a bad move, but it didn't occur to me until it was too late.

Some time passed, and GTA Connected came out. We were still the main group of people who still played multiplayer, and so we were giving advice to the developers on how to make it as good as possible.
One of the ideas was having advanced moderation tools, such as being able to see what mods/scripts each player has installed. These were later added, which made things a lot easier in terms of moderating a GTA Connected server.
I also cooperated on my end, by adding specific support for GTA Connected into my trainer, allowing server admins to "limit" ZMenu on their servers to prevent cheating, making only the harmless features be available. (what I referred to as a "killswitch")




As shown above, being a well-known and respected figure in the community, I was given admin access to some official GTA Connected servers, allowing me to get rid of anyone causing trouble.

And this is where screenshots like this came from:







If the fact that server admins can check if you're cheating and see & ban your IP is something that bothers you, never play on any community server for any game. This is really basic stuff.
The last screenshot also debunks itself, as it can clearly be seen that I was talking about my own self-hosted GTA Connected server.

Another method we were using later on to weed out cheaters was finding out which players spawned which objects. I made an option in ZPatch to log vehicle/ped/object spawns into the GTA Connected console and tie them to players (still there by the way! DebugPrintSpawns=1 and you won't have to wonder who spawned those disco balls on your head) to help trace down any griefers and crashers.

This is where screenshots like these come from:


To further elaborate on this console, only the spawn logs are printed by ZPatch. Any claims of my mods printing IP addresses in this console are untrue, and you can likely still enable and view this console in the current version of GTA Connected, and see the (fake, as the mod routes traffic through the server) IP addresses of players joining/leaving, without having any of my mods installed.

In fact, here's someone pointing this very thing out at the time, to the rumor spreader's face. (Memorize his name, it will come up later!) Didn't stop him from using this to slander me all the way up to now, though.

I'm sure it doesn't need to be said on top of all this, but claims of my mods "leaking" your IP or any other personal information are blatantly false, and these previously out-of-context screenshots are the closest thing people can get to evidence for it. In fact, I have only recently even started looking into how network connectivity works in late 2023 for Chaos Multiplayer, before which I had no idea how to do anything like that even if I wanted to.
Yet this non-existent drama from 2020 is still being perpetuated to smear me, some of these screenshots even being present in the newest bit of slander.

But now that that's out of the way, we can fast-forward a bit. I quit the aforementioned GTA IV multiplayer community due to toxicity, (looking back, I can't believe I was okay with them in the first place, but hey, I was there from roughly age 14 til 17, kids can be dumb) and moved on to singleplayer modding.

ZMenu and ZPatch were both in their heyday at this time, with tons of updates every week, major features being added and bugs being fixed. I also started branching out into other games such as FlatOut and NFS.
None of my mods supported the newest version of GTA IV though, as they removed multiplayer, which I still saw as the main reason for my mods' existence. (not to mention the instability and countless laughable issues with the newest version, even moreso at the time)

This almost immediately caused issues with petty people, and the drama and slander started. All of the above started coming back, out of context of course:



They also likely used these claims to spam staff and attempt to take down ZMenu from GTAForums, which lasted about 12 hours.
The only evidence I can still find of this is here:

Around the same time, I started seeing FusionFix get suspiciously similar features to ZPatch, fixes which I never shared to anyone.
For example, the bike phonecall animation fix and vehicle reversing lights fix:
As you can clearly see, both mods patch the exact same code in almost the exact same way, and it was committed to FusionFix by one of the initial main spreaders of this rumor, who has self-admittedly reverse engineered and looked through my mod's code (see the forum posts above), mere weeks apart from the initial accusations starting:

I continued to just ignore it, as there was no reasoning with them. Although I actually did manage to talk with one of the initial spreaders, and see eye to eye on things:



This did not stop the rumor mill though, and things got way worse over time.
In 2022-2023, roughly after I added pride flags to ZMenu, I started randomly seeing people in forum threads and Discord bringing up the same claims and screenshots, using them to tarnish my reputation:




One of these forum posts was incredibly vile, and tried to masquerade itself as a "no-rainbow" version of my trainer:
Which, if unzipped, was the latest version of my trainer with the pride flags intact, but a new readme added, containing some deranged ramblings and an attempted dox of my real name:

I also had a similar thing happen on Discord roughly around the same time:

There were also posts attempting to decompile my mods and claim that there was something malicious in them:


(There is nothing remotely suspicious about this, I obfuscated the link to my Patreon so script kiddies couldn't hack the mod to get rid of credits. You can even piece the text back together from the code screenshots, "This will open a browser window. Are you sure?")

Almost all of these came from dummy accounts with Russia-Ukraine or Wagner Group related usernames, made the same day as the posts.

I reported all the GTAForums messages to staff, and it turns out it was all coming from a single person, namely UnitedMel:

But no actions were taken aside from the posts being removed, and it continued, and got even worse.

This was also around the same time that the frequently linked video was created, containing all of the above out of context screenshots and deceptive code snippets, by UnitedMel. (I mean come on, it was uploaded by WagnerPrivateModdingCompany, it couldn't be any more obvious)


Further proving that this was just a desperate attempt to slander my image, the video description is beyond parody:


The last time I saw one of UnitedMel's posts was him attempting to leak where I live, and threatening to kill me:

This kept festering for months, but there was a breaking point, when I added support for loading shaders into IV Tweaker, my GTA IV modloader.
I thought this was a completely innocent feature, since shader mods started becoming popular, and my modloader was meant to make almost all mods work without any game files having to be replaced.
I was wrong.
It immediately caused a massive uproar of people claiming I am somehow stealing fame from FusionFix for daring to make my mod able to load shaders, and that I'm looking for clout:


Of course, the same slander once again started coming up, about my mods somehow leaking private data:


And here's some thinly veiled threats to make me open-source my mod so this slander stops:

UnitedMel also joined in, making me very suspicious of his involvement (as usual, brand new account created the same day, WG = Wagner Group):


(Notice the constant usage of the term "savior of GTA IV modding" to describe me. Seems like an attempt to make me look egotistical so they can make their attacks come across as more righteous)

During this and after it blew over, I always made myself clear: I was willing to talk, as long as it was on even ground. This led to a development.
Ash_735 messaged me on Discord, we had a friendly talk, and we tried to work something out. It was rather obvious that there was a lot going on in the background during that bit of drama, and I tried my best to clear it all up.
Afterwards, I came to a conclusion: I'll try to make peace, and work on a port of FusionFix to, and sending them ZPatch features they can port back to the main branch.

I did a quick port of it in an afternoon, and made a PR. It had a few minor issues, but the features were fully functional. I then tried to distance myself from IV for a bit, mostly to clear my head of everything that just happened and focus on myself and my health, but also because it's quite difficult to trust the team that had been openly attacking me just days prior. I did still talk to Ash on and off, sending him some info about ZPatch he could pass on and see what their reaction is, how certain features work, etc.:



After a few days, I get an angry DM from Ash, with a bunch of baseless claims and out-of-context screenshots framed to make me look like I've backstabbed them:



I explained this and provided context, which he understood:




A little while later, a mention of ZPatch gets suddenly deleted from a GitHub issue managed by people from the FusionFix team:

The next day, we get a response as to why, and I have a frankly quite understandable reaction:

This means our "peace deal" was off, I was not going to give any of my code or features to the people who are actively trying to ruin the reputation of me and my mods.
I kept maintaining my fork though, for the sake of having the great fixes on good versions of the game:

Initially due to technical reasons, my fork required ZPatch. This was later resolved, as evidenced by these chatlogs (I added the required DFA patches to my fork of FF, as shown in the last message), in which there was also some discussion of absorbing FusionFix features into ZPatch, but I was against the idea:


(Notice how I was bringing up licensing issues, this'll come up later. Also as far as I can tell, Ash is a true neutral party here, and was just genuinely misinformed. He does not seem malicious)

About a month later, I was watching YouTube and saw a GTA IV related video, with comments like these: 10B5386F.jpg


Take note of one specific person replying to these comments:
This might be a bit of a weak link, but after what follows, it should be a hint that this is organized.

In September, I released a new mod called GTA IV Extra Options, adding various additional tweaks to the game, such as an Always Run toggle, an FOV slider, toggling pickup glow and cinematic cameras, and a few more.
To make this compatible with FusionFix, I created a shared API that both mods could use for adding menu options, which my Extra Options mod requires, and my fork of FusionFix can optionally use if the API is installed.
This immediately triggered the horde, and the first reply on the GTAForums thread was from ThirteenAG himself:
After the second reply being someone understandably confused at this, look who the third one is!
For someone who supposedly has no connection to the FusionFix team, they sure do know a lot about the exact excuses ThirteenAG is trying to use to take my fork down! Notice how he even used "we" to refer to the team, wonder why... (The irony of one of the original spreaders of this slander being the same person saying that I have a "history of shady behavior" is not lost on me either)
Turns out they changed the license of their mod right around the same time they became aggressive, specifically to make this happen:

And then they all go straight into the usual, even posting the same video from UnitedMel:

Though some of this is new, actually. I haven't seen anyone say I "encrypt" my code yet:

Here's what the actual source code is for this section by the way:
This is a deceptively framed screenshot of compiler optimizations making the code look funky when decompiled, nothing more, nothing less.

Also, since VirusTotal sandbox behavior scan results were brought up so many times, here's an example of how unreliable that is:
I was surprised that I apparently had "Anti-VM strings targeting VirtualBox" in my mod, so I looked into it, and found the closest match, "bm_tvbox" in my list of GTA IV model names.
I removed it, and guess what? It disappeared.

You can try this on your own, build a program that outputs bm_tvbox into the console, and it will likely get flagged as being Anti-VM.
In my case, it also had a comparable amount of AV detections:
(Here's the code to this test app along with the compiled binary, if all that wasn't enough)

I also saw the claim that I contributed nothing, which is pretty ironic:
After this, I started noticing something weird. FusionFix was releasing new updates without sharing the source code. I looked into this a little further and found the reason: They added experimental support, and it wasn't as clean as people would like to think.
The source code is now public, and in plain view, there's exact patterns taken from my fork:

It's similar and all, but with just this, it could be coincidence, right? Well, I also added brand-new code specifically for my backport, to fix some issues that came up because of differences between versions. Guess what I found when I looked through the code? My additions, same exact patterns, same exact location, with slightly different logic:
EDC302A2.png Talk about irony.

For someone who doesn't want to associate with me, and now tries to deny my very existence, as well as calling my fork "unofficial" and said that it "will never work properly", they sure were fine with taking all that:

Also as a side note, here's some examples of the kind of "joking negativity" I meant in my previous post:


No joke, this is something they got mad about. Me saying that ThirteenAG has "major driving issue".
Here's the mentioned clip as context to that:

They also got mad at me comparing my widescreen fix for FlatOut 2 to his:
(How this is even slander in any way, when all I'm doing is pointing out the objective differences by showing comparisons? We'll never know)

And here's a plain-written statement that FusionFix is intentionally incompatible with ZPatch:

And here's them going through with that, clear as day:

While there was a (frankly poor) attempt at hiding what this code does, all it's for is making every single one of my mods (yes, even the ones that are fully compatible with CE, see: VRadio, VWeapon) not work on purpose if FusionFix is installed.
Here's the actual list of blocked files:
There is no possible excuse for this, and it was clearly targeted.
(So much for transparency and open-source, too, there was a clear attempt to hide this, and it's never mentioned anywhere except in a reply to a random buried GitHub issue after someone called them out about it! Just because a project is open-source does not mean there can't be shady, unwanted code in it.)

Shortly after the aforementioned attacks, I publicly announced that I'm quitting GTA modding with the aforementioned blogpost, and simply cut all contact with the community for my own good. It wasn't worth it having to worry about slander being thrown at me every few months (or weeks in some cases) every time I release or update something.

Turns out this wasn't enough. It's been almost half a year since then, and I made the grave mistake of joining and interacting in a GTA related server for a whole 2 days before leaving. Immediately I was met with the same exact people trying to get my attention and smear me with the same exact "proof". (and some random Discord screenshots from completely unrelated people, apparently...?)


These people likely started screenshotting and taking things out of context immediately, and that's where we are now. Them trying to frame me for leaking the GTA V source code, right alongside long-debunked screenshots from when I was 16 years old, with people like Ben videotech liking the posts. I think it's understandable that I am quitting altogether for my own physical, mental and legal safety.

While I absolutely expect another wave of slander to "counter" this statement, I sure as hell am not going to be online to deal with it.
Goodbye everyone.

Welcome to another really late recap of the past 2 months! Apparently this is a bi-monthly thing now with how little time I can find for it.

Though that doesn't mean there haven't been any updates, in fact quite the contrary:

I've released ZPatch and ZMenu for NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 Remastered! It's got the usual options including Chaos, but the more interesting things are separated into ZPatch (all of which can also be found in ZMenu, ZPatch is just the improvements in a separate mod for those who don't want the other features) such as the ability to remove crash cams, fix the steering input delay, improve the collision detection allowing you to drive out of bounds and flip your car without falling through the map, an option to unlock all cars to make multiplayer less unbalanced for new players, and an authentic vanilla-like implementation of the San Andreas car camera to replace the driving camera for those who prefer it. I've also added an option to unlock the framerate, but that requires further testing as I do not have a high refresh rate display and I've heard mixed responses, some people saying it doesn't actually unlock the framerate and some saying it does. Feel free to send me any feedback on this if you have a 120hz or higher refresh rate screen.

ZMenu has had a few updates for other games as well, such as Half-Life Movement now being an option in Sleeping Dogs, as well as an add/remove money option for the game. ZMenu for Most Wanted is now up to date with ZChaos in terms of chaos effects, and has an option to randomize your car to a random stock one every time you win a race, at the request of DoVe_7.

ZPatch for NFS Most Wanted & Carbon have also been updated, with a new fix: You can reset your car when driving AI vehicles now. Flipping your truck or taxi is no longer a death sentence.

I've also updated Carbon Limit Adjuster with some stability improvements, which should hopefully fix some crashes that people have been experiencing, especially in pursuits with huge amounts of cops.

In terms of Chaos, I've added tons of new effects across the board, and some, mostly minigame related updates and improvements.

NFS Most Wanted & Carbon both have had a few new effects added:
Carbon now has the New Game :tf: effect, as well as other effects such as Teleport to Menu Map (there's a secret here, so it's not just a run killer!)
Both games now have Horizon Mode, which is a recreation of various aspects of Forza Horizon, including the skill chain system, the radio system and 100 upgrade signs scattered across the map, which fully function and give you upgrade discounts! You can collect all 100 and get free upgrades, though this will require you to get the effect multiple times.
Most Wanted now has shork. If you know, you know

Tons of updates with improvements and additions to the Chaos Multiplayer mode have been released for Most Wanted & Carbon, both of which are now (mostly) stable and playable, and have been stress tested with over 30 people in one server (thanks Kuru!), most issues that arose have already been fixed.

I've added a hardcore version of the Password Game minigame, which is still not quite finished, and is subject to changes. It's got different questions and some other twists.

I've also added another Tetris variant, NES Tetris. This is an as-authentic-as-possible recreation of the NES title, complete with sounds and detailed block graphics.
Compared to regular Tetris, NES Tetris has:

  • A scoring system, accurate to NES Tetris (except the drop bonus)
  • No bag system
  • No quickdrop
  • No drop preview
  • Different initial piece positions and rotations
  • Different preview rotations for some pieces
  • Different rotation pivots for some pieces (notably both L pieces)
  • NES level speeds (yes it has the killscreen)
  • Line clear animations
  • Sound effects
  • Delays after placing a piece
  • Starts at Level 00 instead of Level 1 (Hardcore at Level 09, Very Hardcore at Level 19)

Extra versions of NES Tetris are available in Fun Options -> Minigames, with one of them starting at Level 18, and the other starting at the killscreen, Level 25.
I've added alternate keybinds to Tetris, now allowing you to rotate with Q/E or Space/LCtrl, as well as move with WASD and the arrow keys. The keybinds stack, even if you press both in a single frame, meaning you can use this to achieve a faster playstyle, similar to how NES players do rolling, but more lame. All of my current NES Tetris minigame records have been achieved with this method, and their replays are available to view in the chaos mod menu (Fun Options -> Minigames -> Scoreboard Replays)

Minor updates to Chaos include:

  • UI Options now has an identical copy of the Vote Display menu, even though it makes no sense to have it there as you still have to enable voting itself in Behavior Options, but people keep saying it should be there, so it's there now.

  • Minigame reward timers are now stackable, potentially giving you tons of No Chaos, or whatever other reward you pick.

ZGame has also been updated, with a complete port of the physics engine from Bullet3 to Jolt, which should fix a lot of physics issues with vehicles. I've managed to add a bike to the game now with this new physics engine, as with Bullet3 it was previously near impossible to get bikes to work without major collision bugs.

In other news, if you've had issues extracting my .asi files, that should be fixed now. Windows Explorer is apparently broken and I had to use a different .zip packer to make them compatible with it.

Hello and welcome to a recap of the past 3 months. This is gonna be a long one.

Firstly, as most people already know, I've quit GTA modding and the surrounding community for good. This has vastly improved my mental health, although it does mean no more GTA mod updates. If that's something that you care about, blame the people who have been nonstop harassing, threatening and attempting to dox me for years.

In more positive news, here are all the things I've worked on recently:

By far the largest new addition is the introduction of a fully fledged multiplayer mode for ZChaos.
It currently supports FlatOut 2, NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon.
In NFS, simply connect to or create a game, head into the career mode or races, and you'll be able to see other players and get affected by their effects. You can bring up the player list with TAB, which also shows who's in the menus and who's in-game. The Y key opens the chat, allowing you to communicate to other players. The chat has over 100 Twitch emotes, because that's a necessity.
The FlatOut 2 system is a bit different, requiring you to create/join the match in ZMenu, and then create/join a vanilla multiplayer lobby with the other players. This will sync everyone up, and everyone playing will be affected by the effects as long as they're connected to the ZMenu lobby as well as the vanilla lobby. The chat feature also allows you to communicate with other players while in-game, which the original game didn't have support for.

I've added a ton of new minigames to ZChaos. These include:

  • Chat Sabotages Plants vs Zombies, which is basically hardcore PvZ but with chat being able to spawn zombies by typing commands. Can leads to tons of fun interactions.
  • Very Hardcore Tetris, a version of Tetris that starts at Level 20. This minigame unlocks after you beat Level 10 in regular Tetris, as a way to prove you're capable of handling the speed before throwing it at you.
  • Chat Sabotages Tetris, a version of Tetris where Twitch chat gets a piece and is able to control it in the same way they control the Chat Controls Tetris piece, but this time their goal is to mess up your play as much as possible.
  • Password Game, an entirely new minigame inspired by the password game, requiring you to go through 32 different, increasingly ridiculous criteria to create a perfect password.
  • Project DIVA, because one rhythm game wasn't enough. This is a fairly accurate recreation of the actual game, with support for .dsc charts, multi notes and sliders. Songs have been grouped by difficulty this time, allowing for somewhat of a progression system if you're new to the game. P Names, Rolling Girl, Two-Faced Lovers and Po Pi Po are all included, the minigame wouldn't be complete without them.

Tetris has also been updated in general, with a button to rotate in the other direction, fixed T piece rotation so you can now do T-Spins, a preview for where a piece would be dropped to, and a full replay system with which you can watch back your PBs if you didn't record them. I've added all of my Tetris PBs (currently the #1 records) to this system, allowing anyone to watch the scores back and see how they were achieved.

ZChaos has also seen a ton of other updates, such as an option to change how frequently each effect can appear, as well as an overall frequency for minigame effects, a blanket disable for minigame effects, and an option to lock your difficulty so you can't change it again.
I've also added a ton of new effects to most of the chaos mods, including a ton of shader-based effects, and I've made existing shader-based effects run up to 10x faster than they did before, now no longer dropping the game's framerate at all.

In terms of smaller updates, ZMenu for Persona 5 now no longer causes crashes after prolonged play, and ZPatch for NFS Most Wanted no longer breaks pausing when out of focus.

Since the previous recap was so long ago, my final GTA updates haven't been covered yet, so here they are:
I've released a new mod called GTA IV Extra Options, with tons of new vanilla-like options in the pause menu, such as toggling the cinematic cameras, or changing the game's field of view. These options are all saved and reloaded on reboot, so nothing has to be set again after you've customized everything once.
ZPatch for GTA IV now fixes the climbing bug in Out of Commission, allowing you to do the quick-time event regardless of how high your framerate is.
The mod now also allows you to load savegames from the newer, worse versions without having to downgrade your savegame. The automatic downgrader now takes care of the savegame moving as well, so savegames are now a completely non-issue, making downgrading a no-brainer.
IV Tweaker now supports loose files, such as .wft, .wtd, or .wdr, without having to pack them into an .img file. This now makes the mod much more comparable to the San Andreas modloader in terms of setup.
ZMenu for GTA IV has had a few updates as well, namely a fix to the Parachute Support option breaking friend hangouts, as well as a new, much more space-efficient format for car/ped recordings.

Overall, I thank all of you who have stuck around after I've quit GTA, and especially the ones who have kept up their support. I've still got quite a bit in me for other games, so don't worry.

Hey everyone, it's time for me to finally break my silence and speak up.
I have grown tired of GTA modding and the community surrounding it.
While I've tried to stick with it through thick and thin, but recently I have realized that the only thing that comes out of it is a continued degradation of my mental and physical health, and frankly, I'm exhausted.

I'm sure most people reading this are already aware of recent demands that have been made and the attention it has brought up, with me being subject to thinly veiled legal threats by ThirteenAG, the creator of FusionFix, and the people surrounding him.
With these recent events, I have decided to quit GTA modding indefinitely. This was not an easy decision to make for me, as GTA IV was my childhood, a large portion of my teenage years, even a large part of my adulthood because of modding, and making mods is something I enjoy greatly.
This announcement will undoubtedly be a call for celebration for some, which is one of the reasons I have pushed through for so long.

The truth is, the recent actions are by no means something out of the ordinary. People around ThirteenAG have been trying to ruin my reputation and slowly grind me down mentally for multiple years at this point, with the hope that I'll break, that I will give up, or worse.
Over the past 3 years, they have called me slurs, attempted to leak my personal information, tried to DDoS me, spammed my forum threads and comments sections with misinformation, spread slander about my mods being malware, shared out of context screenshots from years ago to try to make people distrust me, twisted my words and actions to make me seem like the most evil person in the community, reverse engineered and stole code from my mods, raided Discord servers I was in so they could try to get me banned, on multiple occasions attempted to take these things to other communities such as NFS, and are now fully teaming up behind a large mod and making legal threats.
The process of modding this game is incredibly enjoyable for me, but at some point I realized that no matter what I do, every single mod I release will be met with immediate negativity, harassment and slander.
I have tried to ignore this for years at this point, with the hope that not paying them any attention will make them go away, but not only did this cause me unimaginable amounts of stress and anxiety, but as I learned, that is just sadly not how this works. They've proven time and time again that even without me directly addressing anything, the smallest displays of light, even joking negativity towards them will come right back to me tenfold as massive drama in an attempt to keep me in silence about this.
Over the years, I have slowly started realizing that none of the points they bring up ever even mattered to them, especially when they make up outright lies. They themselves do not believe any of what they have been saying, and their only goal is to harm me and my reputation.

At the end of the day, was I stirring up a hornet's nest by continuing to maintain my fork of FusionFix for Yes, but I weighed the risks, and decided that the good that would come out of players being able to play the mod on the best and most popular versions of the game was worth it, regardless of the harassment I would receive by doing so. But it seems my judgement on this was wrong, as a member of the FusionFix team has underhandedly changed the license of the mod specifically to stop this from happening, and ThirteenAG is now publicly demanding me to shut down my open-source fork, in order to replace it with his own version that he has purposely made incompatible with other mods that a large portion of the community considers essential for those versions, in a fully transparent attempt to push me and my work out of the modding scene. They are trying to justify this by framing my lack of experience with GitHub as malice, and using the lies they themselves made up and have been spreading for years to claim that I have a "history of shady behavior".

All in all, I know I can't offer any meaningful pushback against this, as I am only one person with some moderately popular mods, while FusionFix is a comparatively massive project maintained by an entire team, and so them putting their full weight into bullying me out of the scene is something I cannot fight back against in any way.

To those people:
I am not sorry, I did nothing wrong, and I would do it again.

To the people who actually care:
For those of you who are still going to stick with the game, have fun. I know it doesn't matter much, but I would appreciate it if you at least did not use any of these people's mods, as a small way to fight back against this. There are a lot of good people in this community who make great mods, such as Claude_III with The Actual Complete Edition, ItsClonkAndre with his various scripts and downgrader tool, catsmackaroo with Liberty Tweaks, icelaglace with the upcoming iCEnhancer 4, and tons more. They all deserve the attention more than them.
All in all, it's been a good run. I've had a ton of fun in this community despite these issues, and GTA IV modding has led me to make many great memories that I will never forget. See you all, and goodbye.

Welcome back to the "monthly" recap! I was too busy last month, so this'll cover the past 2 months.

Firstly, ZMenu and ZChaos have seen a lot of global updates, with a fair amount of quality-of-life improvements and more global chaos effects.
ZMenu now has an in-game custom hotkey creator! Say goodbye to having to manually calculate menu option numbers, say hello to enabling Custom Keybind Creator in Trainer Settings and pressing LCtrl + Enter when highlighting an option you want to create a hotkey. Everything can be set up in-game now, so you can change the key it's bound to, the subtitle displayed, and also edit existing hotkeys without exiting the game. Do note that this change also moves the custom hotkeys to a different file, so if you had custom hotkeys before, you're going to have to recreate them using the new system.
On the ZChaos side, Guitar Hero has a scoreboard now! Each song has its own leaderboard, with the notes hit and the highest streak both displayed. I've put a few of my own scores on there, good luck beatin' em.
I've added a new minigame: Plants vs Zombies. This is once again a way too high effort recreation of the actual PvZ game, but with Pepegas protecting your lawn against xdds. It's a regular daytime level with a few basic plants, and is technically endless, but gets next to impossible after enough time, so it can't actually go on forever.
All minigames now have Hardcore variants, with Hardcore Pong having much better AI, Hardcore Tetris starting at Level 10, Hardcore Snake starting at the fastest speed, and Hardcore Plants vs Zombies being a pool level with much more advanced plant and zombie types.
I've also added a fully chat controlled version of Tetris. One line makes one Griefer Jesus/Manny spawn, so have fun with that.
Most ZChaos mods also have a rewards menu after a minigame now, so you can pick between various benefits instead of always getting No Chaos time.

I've also done quite a bit of noteworthy stuff for GTA IV.

ZPatch now automatically downgrades the game for you, completely getting rid of the hassle and just making you able to play the game properly as soon as you get the mod.
Aside from that, ZPatch has also had quite a few fixes and new features. For example, the mouse fix option now fixes the mouse deadzone in all cases, instead of just while aiming as it did previously. This works without changing the mouse sensitivity at all, unlike other mods that claim to fix it. I've also completely removed mouse acceleration from the sniper scope, making snipers just as easy to use as any other weapon.
FastLoading has also been improved in major ways, it no longer reduces the framerate when in-game, and so is now enabled by default. It still has the same drastic effect on loading times, but now without any downsides.
I've also added a new option to the mod, NewFilesCompatibility, which allows the game to load files (script.img, radiohud.dat) from the inferior Steam releases without causing bugs, reducing the amount of extra files required to downgrade the game.
SkipLauncher and LaunchWithPlayGTAIV have been improved, the latter no longer needs to be turned off to launch the game through LaunchGTAIV.exe, and the former now completely gets rid of all anti-piracy checks, no longer activating drunk cam. This means ZPatch no longer has to be configured after installing depending on whether you're using LaunchGTAIV or PlayGTAIV, and the only file required to downgrade the game now is GTAIV.exe.

On the ZMenu side, I've added support for debug widgets, meaning the TLAD debug scripts can finally be used to their full potential with ZMenu, and any widgets left in the retail scripts can be messed with as well.
I've also added support for saving tuned cars in parking spaces, the savegame will now properly keep tuning parts, neons and performance upgrades, even if shared across multiple PCs.
SP Co-op has been updated quite a bit as well, with tons of improvements to TBoGT in particular, fixing crashes and softlocks in various missions.

IV Tweaker has been updated a bit too, with support for loading shaders, as well as quite a few new limits that can be tweaked, including the weapon limit (which has now been removed from ZPatch to keep things consistent) which now no longer introduces issues with ragdolls and projectiles if used. Handling limits can be changed as well, meaning FLA is now no longer required if you're not using custom vehicle sounds.

III/VC/SA have also seen a few minor updates recently, the speedrun timer in ZHalfLife now has splits support across the board, as well as an option for making the timer count RTA time the same way as LiveSplit does.
I've also added Distribution to ZChaos SA, so have fun with that.

I've updated ZChaos V quite a lot too, it now has an option to clear negative effects if they got the game stuck in a mission fail loop, as well as a ton of new effects and improvements all around.

NFS has seen a lot of updates recently, from ZMenu to ZChaos and MapLoader.
ZMenu for Underground 1 and 2 now has Turbo and Superbrake options, MapLoader now runs an order of magnitude faster with zero loss of quality, and ZChaos ProStreet now has most of the effects from the newest versions of ZChaos Most Wanted.

I've updated my FlatOut mods quite a lot as well. ZMenu for FlatOut 1 is now up to par with FlatOut 2 and UC, with the same options, same menu layout, same chaos effects, and the same new features e.g. being able to change car skin while in a race.
ZPatch for FlatOut 1 now has the same widescreen fix feature as the FlatOut 2 one, fixing almost all HUD elements in-game and in the menus without ruining the entire menu layout like other widescreen fixes do. The menu and in-game world scaling has also been updated to be proper HOR+, consistent across all aspect ratios. The borderless windowed option also doesn't require DXVK anymore.

ZMenu Saints Row 3 has also been updated a little, with minor improvements to the VR mod, and cleanups to the menu layout.

My standalone projects have been worked on quite a bit too.
ZHero now has proper chart loading which should be virtually identical to Clone Hero, with various errors in the reader fixed.
ZMenu Minigame Pack now has all of the minigames, including hardcore variants. I've also fixed the issue with HUD scaling if you tabbed out before the game fully loaded in.
I've also released a new standalone project, Pepegas vs Zombies. This is the Plants vs Zombies chaos effect separated into its full standalone game, with 50 campaign levels, progression, endless survival levels, chat control, and even its own Chaos Mod.

Welcome back to the monthly recap of the worrying amount of stuff I've done!

Firstly, I've released a new mod for NFS Underground, Most Wanted and Carbon that increases various limits in the game, such as the amount of cops in a pursuit, the amount of opponents in a race, and the traffic density. You can now have cop chases with up to 255 cops at the same time, and races against 200 opponents! There may still be some instability, but it's honestly a miracle that it works at all, as a ton of limits had to be manually increased for this to run.

I've also released a fairly important update for NFS Most Wanted Map Loader, adding support for the game's shaders, making custom maps cast shadows, appear in reflections, show up in the rear-view mirror and more. This option is disabled by default as it's incredibly hard on the framerate, but for smaller maps it can look amazing.

I've also released some updates for ZHalfLife for the old GTA games, adding various helpful features for speedrunners, such as an autosave and an in-game loadless timer. I've also added a crowbar viewmodel for III and VC, since those games don't have separate weapon models.

In Chaos news, I've added another new minigame! You can now play Snake within Chaos Mod for GTA and NFS. The game gets progressively faster and there's an achievement for reaching 50 points.
Speaking of Chaos, NFS ZChaos has been updated with tons of new effects, making use of my new Limit Adjuster by having effects that spawn way too many cops, make hundreds of taxis rain from the sky, and much more.
GTA ZChaos has been updated as well, with Classic Griefer Jesus in San Andreas, as well as achievements & stat tracking backported to III and VC chaos.

Something a bit less important but still noteworthy is that I've put up all my old GTA IV mods onto my website! You can now browse back through my modding history and get some of my older mods such as Character Switch and Cutscene Collisions.

That's it for this month, thank you to all patrons for your support!

Welcome to the monthly recap, almost half a month late as always!

In Chaos news, most of my larger chaos mods have seen updates this past month, and they're fairly big updates too.
Firstly, there are difficulty settings now! If you think the mod is too hard, you can simply turn down the difficulty and still enjoy the less harmful effects, while if you think the mod is too easy, you can crank it up to Ultra-Nightmare and see how that works out for you.

Secondly, there's achievements and stat tracking! You can get achievements for getting specific effect combos (e.g. Portrait Mode + Anti-Portrait Mode) or doing something cool with specific effects (e.g. reach 1000km/h with Big Rigs Handling active) These achievements are saved permanently and you can do multiple runs to attempt to get them all (although I wouldn't recommend it as some of them are very hard to complete) Stat tracking is quite simple as well; the mod now tracks your total playtime, and some game-specific stats e.g. missions passed and deaths in GTA. Some achievements are tied to these.

I've also added a Quick Setup menu that guides you through the configuration process for the mod, since the options were getting too complicated with how many features ZChaos has.

There's a lot of new effects across the board, too. You can now play Pong, Tetris and Guitar Hero as self-contained chaos minigames, granting you rewards if you play them well. Pong is quite simple and just requires you to win once, Tetris is a fairly authentic recreation of the game and you can go as high as your skills will allow (it even has a leaderboard with some runners' best times if you want to compete!) and Guitar Hero is an even more authentic recreation, with an almost 1:1 set of mechanics from the actual games, in which you'll have to complete one song on the hardest difficulty to continue. There's also controller support, so if you've played Guitar Hero before, you'll have a really easy time getting the maximum rewards whenever the minigame comes up.

NFS Chaos has a few more minigames as well, namely Distribution and Taxi Driver, both based on the GTA side-missions.
Speaking of NFS Chaos, Most Wanted and Carbon now have separate ZChaos builds! You don't have to get the entirety of ZMenu anymore to play Chaos.

In non-Chaos news, ZPatch for GTA IV has been updated for the first time in a while, adding a fix to the notorious speedup bug that can randomly occur and make the entire game run faster than it should, even on a low framerate.

I've also released a new mod for San Andreas (though this has been in ZMenu for a while) modernizing the keyboard & mouse control layout, making it much more like GTA IV, with separate binds for planes, helis and cars, tons of more specific keybinds, and quality-of-life features like being able to zoom the radar out.

FlatOut 2 has had some updates too, FO2MapLoader now has almost the same features and format as NFS Map Loader, though you'll still have to compile collisions manually. This means the entire San Andreas map is now technically possible in FlatOut 2 as well.

That's about it for this month, thank you to all patrons for your support as always!

Welcome to another monthly recap! Almost on time, too! Let's get into it.

Firstly, most of my Chaos mods now have an option to trigger a random effect whenever someone subcribes on Twitch! If you have a large audience, this can lead to a LOT of chaos, especially if they're ready to drop tons of giftsubs.

In more specific Chaos news, I've pushed major updates to ZChaos III and VC, backporting almost all of the effects from my SA chaos mod into those games. Say hi to Griefer Jesus, Pepega World, Low Res Gaming, Forced Geoguessr and a lot more.

ZMenu has also had a few changes recently, ZMenu V has been updated with a few quality of life improvements, such as a Search menu that makes it way easier to find menu options, IV Handling no longer causing all vehicles to get deleted, tons of small fixes, and even a wireframe toggle.

And lastly, thank you to DeSinc for making a video on ZHalfLife for GTA V! Can't say I expected that one.

Thank you for all your support, and welcome to another "monthly" recap. This one is gonna be pretty huge so let's just get into it.

First off, I've created a game! Kind of! It's basically just ZMenu features shoved together with a DX9-based engine I wrote, but it does have planes, cars, helicopters and bunnyhopping, and that's all that matters.

Secondly, Chaos has received a ton of new updates for a variety of games! Need for Speed finally has Griefer Jesus, and tons of the usual spawning effects like TABLE, Spawn 24/7, and Spawn Swingset. A lot more effects have been ported over from GTA as well, like the drunk cam, Definitive Edition and more.

Speaking of Chaos, I've released a brand new Chaos Mod for Half-Life 2! It already has more than 100 effects, many of which are from GTA and/or NFS, but it has a ton of exclusive effects as well. Special thanks to JeepyGMI for being the first person to playtest it live.

And finally a pretty unexpected one, I've created a tool that loads custom maps into NFS games, including Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet and World! All maps made with the tool are cross compatible, and they have proper collisions, LOD support, and streaming. As an example, Liberty City and San Andreas from the 3D universe have both been fully ported using this tool and are stable. The framerate might fluctuate on unoptimized maps but if the map is optimized it can be fairly high, i.e. on Liberty City you can easily get above 100FPS.

Thank you to all patrons for your support! Here's this month's recap.

I couldn't write one last month due to a lack of free time and PC issues, so this one is gonna cover everything I've done in the past 2 months.

First off, I've created a new mod for almost all the games I support, a near-identical recreation of Half-Life movement, including bunnyhopping, ABH, surfing, rocketjumping, and even working viewmodels for some games.
This has taken up most of my time in the past month, and some actual Half-Life speedrunners have used the mod and have reported that it's pretty damn accurate to HL. You can find these mods on my site, either as part of ZMenu or as a separate mod called ZHalfLife, for Assetto Corsa, GTA III, VC, SA, IV and V, FlatOut 2, RDR2, Saints Row 3, Midtown Madness 2, Re-Volt, as well as NFS Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet and Undercover.

Speaking of NFS, I've added tons of new effects to Chaos for all of the NFS games I support, and released ZChaos separately for ProStreet and Undercover, available on GitHub and my site.

On the Rockstar side, I've finally released ZMenu for RDR2! It includes all the usual features, as well as the Half-Life movement option and a full mission creator! It also doesn't require a script hook of any kind, you can drag and drop the mod into your game and it'll just work.

I've also added quite a few new things to the GTA chaos mods, including hundreds of new effects (one of which is the infamous Griefer Jesus, now in ZChaos for San Andreas, and more extreme than ever) and tons of balancing and stability improvements as well as fixes to existing effects.

As for Persona, I've released ZMenu for Persona 4 Golden! This has been in development for a while since the new x64 PC port accidentally released early, so I've had a bit of time to work on it. Nevertheless it's still a WIP, but it does have quite a few of the same features as the Persona 5 Royal one.

And lastly, thank you to everyone who has played my mods and showed them on YouTube and Twitch, including JeepyGMI, PSP1G, Hugo_One, Vargskelethor, ToastedMildly, and many others!

Thank you to all patrons for your support! Here's this month's recap.

GTA has come back into the spotlight this month, with a ton of improvements to Chaos Mod, as well as an entire separate release of ZChaos on my GitHub for GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas! The mod itself behaves identically to ZMenu Chaos, except chaos is the only menu available and the mod is enabled by default instead of having to turn it on every time. There have also been around a hundred new effects added this month across the 3 games, each one more mind-bending than the last.

My chaos mods in general have improved a lot recently, with everything from small quality-of-life updates like being able to automatically reconnect to Twitch, to massive fixes and added customizability, like being able to almost completely change the look of the effect display, the amount of effects available for voters, and the ability to have multiple instances of the same effect run with separate timers. A new global effect has also been added that allows voters to type the names of effects into the chat to trigger them.

All my ZMenus for the Need for Speed games have been updated with some substantial backend improvements and a huge amount of new effects for Chaos as well, including all of the global updates listed above.

ZMenu for Persona 5 has also been updated, with the usual amount of new Chaos effects, and some new features, such as being able to edit extra stats and Jazz Club stats for your Personas, change the behavior of ailments and attacks (e.g. have all moves drain, or have all ailments and ailment chances always inflict a specific ailment, even for bosses) as well as an experimental VR feature that has fully functional roomscale head tracking for any VR headset.

Thank you to all patrons for your support! Here's this month's recap.

First off, I have released ZMenu for Persona 5 Royal less than a week after the game's release! With no compromises either, the P5R ZMenu is quite possibly one of the most feature-packed mods I have created so far, rivaling ZMenu for GTA IV in the amount of options, with everything from a randomizer for enemies, skills and personas, to a chaos mod, playermodel changing, editing your party, items, personas, security level, confidants, social stats, money, flowers, P Medals, stamps, change the date, a mouse & keyboard freecam, an option to disable keyboard/mouse input, warping to any level, the ability to start any encounter or event, disable pausing when window focus is lost, change the BGM, and even VR support with roomscale head tracking.
ZMenu isn't the only project I've created during that time either, I have also created P5ScriptHook, a way for people to make .asi plugins that use the game's own script functions as well as some other helpful features such as being able to hook DirectX.

On the topic of large projects, I've created a Chaos Mod for NFS World! It's entirely serverside, meaning if the server host installs the mod, everyone in the server will have chaos effects applied to them at random, making it the least skill-based multiplayer racing game(TM). I'm hosting a server with the mod, add this address to your Soapbox Launcher and you'll be able to try it out: SERVER NOT HOSTED ANYMORE
I've also released a lite version of ZMenu for the game, with all of the useful features such as freecam but none of the ones that can be used to gain an unfair advantage.

Other NFS games have also had their fair share of updates, including tons of new chaos effects for everything from Underground 1 to Undercover, as well as some new options for Most Wanted and Carbon like being able to slide off walls. Menu flickering has also been completely fixed on both ProStreet and Undercover.

FlatOut ZMenus have been improved a lot, ZMenu for FlatOut 1 is now fully on par with 2 and UC in features, except for the ones relating to game mechanics that weren't present in FO1. 2 and UC have been restructured a bit too, with some additional minor features.

GTA has been low on my priority list recently, but there's still been a few updates nonetheless. I've ported over the chaos QoL updates to all of the GTA ZMenus, fixed compatibility with Widescreen Fix on GTA III (it was a bug on Widescreen Fix's end with outlines, but I worked around it anyway), and added spray tag teleports to GTA SA.

There has been a massive surge of support this month, thank you to all patrons as usual! Here's the monthly recap.

Firstly, I've released a full-blown VR mod for Saints Row: The Third and the new Saints Row reboot! Part of ZMenu, complete with motion controls and support for the Rift, Vive, Index and likely every other headset, it brings the entire game into VR with a surprising level of immersion.

Secondly, I made a new ZMenu for Sleeping Dogs! It's got the same options that you'd expect, such as Chaos with over 100 effects including some brand new ones, as well as One-Hit KO, freecam, car spawning, ped spawning, and even explosion spawning.

Speaking of new ZMenus, I've ported ZMenu to NFS Underground, including almost all of the features that the Underground 2 one had, like Chaos, playermodel changing, car scale, and many more, as well as some exclusive options such as being able to force the track ID to any track in any gamemode, including the unused Test Track and being able to roam around on the drag tracks.

And while not exactly a new release, I've also rewritten the entire ZMenu for FlatOut 1, adding Chaos to it as well as almost every feature that was previously missing here but was in the ZMenus for 2 and UC, such as taking opponents' car parts, and a working mouselook for the custom first person camera.

On the GTA front, I've released updates for the GTA V, IV, SA, VC and III ZMenus with tons of fixes and improvements as well as new features and chaos effects. ZMenu for GTA IV has seen a major restructuring of the Misc menu once again, making it easier to navigate and find options in, and a complete rewrite of the Free Camera option, now with support for attaching the camera to entities seamlessly. ZMenu for GTA III & VC has been updated too, bringing the same restructuring of menu options over to those games.

For Chaos, I've separated the mod from ZMenu for GTA SA and V, releasing them separately as ZChaos, which is useful for anyone who doesn't want ZMenu itself as well as for the sake of having a dedicated "Chaos Mod". Chaos is still bundled with ZMenu and will continue to get the same updates, this is just a lighter alternative way to get Chaos.

I've also put out a full list of chaos effects for GTA V, GTA SA, and all NFS games onto my site, with their default lengths, descriptions, notes and image previews. This should help anyone voting for effects in a Twitch stream to know what any particular new effect does.

There has been a massive surge of support this month, thank you to all patrons as usual! Here's the monthly recap.

This month was quite eventful! I have set a new personal record in ZMenu development, having released a fully fledged ZMenu for the new Saints Row reboot within only 2 days of its release, and by the end of the release week, Chaos Mod was already implemented as well as almost every other big feature ZMenu is known for.

Other ZMenus have also had their fair share of updates, all NFS ZMenus now have authentic versions of the GTA 2 top down camera, as well as the Buttsbot and Shoutouts to SimpleFlips text-changing options. Almost every ZMenu from GTA V to NFS and Saints Row now also has an option to switch the vehicle camera to a faithful recreation of the GTA SA camera, as well as a helpful on-screen keyboard to make manual input menus usable with controllers. Most of them have also had some major restructuring done, namely the Misc menu now has more subcategories and is organized a lot better.

ZMenu for Saints Row: The Third has been overhauled, with many new options as well as fixes, for example One-Hit KO now has a Hard Mode toggle, vehicles can now be repainted, and there's an option to change helicopter controls to a control scheme that resembles the GTA games.

ZMenu for FlatOut 2 and UC has been improved a little as well, allowing for mouse camera rotation in the First Person camera.

ZMenu for GTA IV has seen a lot of updates too, although they are mostly ones already listed above. Some game-specific changes include a complete rewrite of Free Camera, now with near-perfect support for attaching to entities, as well as an option in Ped Spawning to spawn attacking enemy peds.

Thank you to all patrons for your continued support!

This month wasn't as eventful as the last one, but there have still been quite a few notable updates and releases.

All ZMenus have been updated to the newest shared features, such as the new UI design, and all the chaos fixes, additions and improvements.

ZMenu for GTA IV has been almost completely restructured, making a ton of previously hard-to-find options be easy to reach, as well as some improvements to car tuning and car model handling which means all of my new car ports from now on will require this ZMenu version or newer.

ZMenu for GTA SA has had a lot of updates, making the first person camera a lot more usable and enjoyable, such as player rotation, a static camera for vehicles, and some minor and major fixes. Chaos has also been updated with more effects and tons of fixes, as well as some minor fixes to IV Style Controls, for example the scrollwheel is now bindable again!

ZMenu for GTA V has been updated with some minor fixes such as compatibility with 2699, as well as some new chaos effects, and some crashes and stutters fixed. Building Scale now also has an option to center the scaling on the player, which results in some quite interesting effects.

ZMenu for FlatOut UC now has options to enable up to 32 opponents, change car paint color, make all cars cycle through a rainbow, as well as some minor fixes.

ZPatch for GTA IV has also been updated which is quite a rare event, this update fixes VRamFix, now rendering commandline obsolete for everything except -windowed.

I have also had some other ventures not directly coding related, specifically in TrackMania, to which I have converted the entirety of San Andreas and Vice City, with GTA IV's Liberty City currently in progress as well.

This month was quite eventful, thank you to all patrons for your support! Let's just get straight into it.

ZMenu IV has of course had quite a few additions and fixes as per usual, this month saw the addition of a color picker, a speedrun timer with automatic splits, Vehicle OHKO and Object OHKO, some chaos effects made into standalone toggles such as Bouncy Cars and One Bullet Mags, as well as the largest update, a massive revisit of SP Co-op with optimizations for usability, simplicity and the gameplay experience, adding proper sync for blips, subtitles, objective text and cutscenes!

I have also created a new ZMenu for Re-Volt (compatible with RVGL) with over 150 chaos effects, car spawning, playermodel changing, object spawning, and many more features that everyone's come to expect from the GTA menus.

ZMenu for GTA III and VC have been updated with major improvements and tons of new chaos effects, increasing the effect count from 150 to over 300! Many new options have been added in general, including an autosave option and toggling the on-mission flag manually.

ZMenu for GTA SA has also had massive updates, bringing the chaos effect count to over 400! Many of these effects are brand new, but lots are returning effects from my chaos for NFS and other games. Scale options have also been cleaned up, and you can now scale buildings, objects and cars as well as peds.

Massive thanks to everyone who has streamed any of the ZMenu chaos mods this month, including Hugo_One, Droosy, KuruHS, ZombiegamingHD7, IrishCoffee and anyone else who I didn't manage to catch live.

Happy Pride Month everyone! Let's recap all of last month's events and updates.

ZMenu for GTA V has had a ton of new updates again! The Chaos Mod feature has had a massive update, and is now at a respectable effect count of 303 compared to the previous versions which only had around 150. Tons of new features have been added as well, such as editing the phone, crouching, starting scripts, a full weapon data editor, player, ped & car scaling, drunk cam and much more.

GTA IV wasn't forgotten about either, player scale is finally correct! You can make Niko as wide, tall, thin, short or long as you want without him turning into an eldritch monstrosity (though you can reenable the old behavior if you do wish to do that) it now also has a Vehicle OHKO option, making either the player's car or ALL cars explode at the slightest touch (or catch on fire if Easy Mode is enabled) as well as Object OHKO which is likely the hardest and most chaotic challenge ever created for this game, making ALL objects explode upon contact and/or damage, including poles, doors, weapon pickups, money, equipped weapons, dropped hats, dropped food, detached car parts, and too many other things to list them all. Good luck to anyone who tries to finish the game this way.

ZMenu GTA SA was updated this month as well, adding the same player scale fixes as well as tons of chaos improvements and new chaos effects.

Chaos improvements have also been done to ZMenu for GTA III & GTA VC, though these games didn't get too many other updates due to my current lack of interest in them.

As for mod requests, thank you to Internet Rob for requesting continued updates to the GTA IV scenario mod.

Here's the monthly update for April, there were a ton of new events and updates this month!

I have updated ZMenu for FlatOut 2 and FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, adding chaos mods with over 100 effects for each one along with the usual Twitch voting support, as well as modernizing the menu itself along with its UI, fixing tons of bugs that were present in the older versions from 2021.

ZMenu for GTA IV has had a ton of updates as well, increasing the amount of chaos effects from around 250 to over 330! Many chaos effects have been added into the menu itself as regular options as well, such as honk boosting and a toggle for the on-mission flag.

There is now also a ZMenu for Midtown Madness 2 with the usual options including chaos, and a potential new one in progress for Motocross Madness 2 as well.

Almost all of the ZMenu chaos mods have had tons of updates this month, improving and extending them from the feedback and experience from numerous Twitch streamers, such as DustinEden, DoVe_7, KuruHS and Hugo_One. There are a ton of new effects across the board as well as a save/load feature for settings so you don't have to set everything up each restart.

In terms of mod requests, thank you to Armani Diamond for requesting a revamped HUD for GTA V.

Here's the monthly status update as per usual, this month was quite eventful!

Firstly, I now have a website! All of my mods as well as my Discord, Patreon and YouTube can be found here, along with changelogs and descriptions for each mod.

ZMenu for GTA SA, IV, V, NFS Most Wanted, Carbon and ProStreet now have full Twitch voting support for their chaos mods, just connect to a Twitch channel's chat and it will pop up a voting window, after which all votes are read from chat and used to pick each new effect.

Chaos mod has now been implemented into NFS ProStreet, which currently has over 80 effects and Twitch voting support. NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon have also had a few more effects added, they now both have over 120 effects implemented.

The chaos mod for my GTA IV ZMenu has had a full rework to port it to the updated chaos system that I've been using for NFS games.

ZMenu itself has expanded at an unprecedented rate to many more games this month. There are now menus for Saints Row: The Third, NFS ProStreet, NFS Undercover and NFS Underground 2. The existing NFS menus have also been highly improved with many more features as well as UI fixes, making the UI have much less bugs and higher compatiblity, for example they display properly on Intel GPUs now.

ZMenu for Saints Row: The Third includes many brand new features for the game, such as first person camera, free camera, chaos mod with Twitch voting and over 70 effects, ped and car spawning, removing map boundaries, removing speed limits from cars, airbreak, and much more.

ZPatch has also seen a few more releases recently, such as a fix for the double finish screen in NFS Carbon and a fix for the crash when hitting large objects with AI cop cars in NFS Most Wanted.

ZMenu for Red Dead Redemption 2 is nearing completion, although it still has some issues to iron out, so stay tuned on that front.

I have released the results of my research and reverse engineering of NFS Carbon onto GitHub as Carbon-SDK, which can be used to make your own mods for the game in a much easier fashion. Both ZMenu and ZPatch for the game have been built off of this project.

In terms of mod requests, thank you to Armani Diamond for requesting a fuel system for GTA V.