Welcome to the monthly recap, almost half a month late as always!

In Chaos news, most of my larger chaos mods have seen updates this past month, and they're fairly big updates too.
Firstly, there are difficulty settings now! If you think the mod is too hard, you can simply turn down the difficulty and still enjoy the less harmful effects, while if you think the mod is too easy, you can crank it up to Ultra-Nightmare and see how that works out for you.

Secondly, there's achievements and stat tracking! You can get achievements for getting specific effect combos (e.g. Portrait Mode + Anti-Portrait Mode) or doing something cool with specific effects (e.g. reach 1000km/h with Big Rigs Handling active) These achievements are saved permanently and you can do multiple runs to attempt to get them all (although I wouldn't recommend it as some of them are very hard to complete) Stat tracking is quite simple as well; the mod now tracks your total playtime, and some game-specific stats e.g. missions passed and deaths in GTA. Some achievements are tied to these.

I've also added a Quick Setup menu that guides you through the configuration process for the mod, since the options were getting too complicated with how many features ZChaos has.

There's a lot of new effects across the board, too. You can now play Pong, Tetris and Guitar Hero as self-contained chaos minigames, granting you rewards if you play them well. Pong is quite simple and just requires you to win once, Tetris is a fairly authentic recreation of the game and you can go as high as your skills will allow (it even has a leaderboard with some runners' best times if you want to compete!) and Guitar Hero is an even more authentic recreation, with an almost 1:1 set of mechanics from the actual games, in which you'll have to complete one song on the hardest difficulty to continue. There's also controller support, so if you've played Guitar Hero before, you'll have a really easy time getting the maximum rewards whenever the minigame comes up.

NFS Chaos has a few more minigames as well, namely Distribution and Taxi Driver, both based on the GTA side-missions.
Speaking of NFS Chaos, Most Wanted and Carbon now have separate ZChaos builds! You don't have to get the entirety of ZMenu anymore to play Chaos.

In non-Chaos news, ZPatch for GTA IV has been updated for the first time in a while, adding a fix to the notorious speedup bug that can randomly occur and make the entire game run faster than it should, even on a low framerate.

I've also released a new mod for San Andreas (though this has been in ZMenu for a while) modernizing the keyboard & mouse control layout, making it much more like GTA IV, with separate binds for planes, helis and cars, tons of more specific keybinds, and quality-of-life features like being able to zoom the radar out.

FlatOut 2 has had some updates too, FO2MapLoader now has almost the same features and format as NFS Map Loader, though you'll still have to compile collisions manually. This means the entire San Andreas map is now technically possible in FlatOut 2 as well.

That's about it for this month, thank you to all patrons for your support as always!