Modernized Keyboard Controls SA


Modernized Keyboard Controls is a mod that, well, modernizes the game's keyboard control scheme. Think of it as GInput for keyboard & mouse.
This was originally an option bundled with ZMenu as IV Style Controls, but I've decided to make it a separate mod for simplicity's sake.
Most of the additions and default bindings are based off of GTA IV's controls, as they're a lot more intuitive.


  • Separate keybinds for selecting specific weapon slots
  • Separate keybinds for cars, helicopters and planes
  • Separate keybinds for guns and melee combat
  • Separate keybinds for hydraulics
  • Separate keybinds for the Jetpack
  • Dedicated Reload Weapon key
  • Dedicated Radio Off key
  • Keybind for zooming the radar out like in GTA IV
  • Ability to switch weapons while in a vehicle
  • IV style look-behind, making the camera re-center once you let go of the key
  • IV style crouching mechanics, with crouch-run and being able to jump while ducked
  • IV style drive-by mechanics (disabled by default)
  • Walking as the default move speed (disabled by default)

Notes and issues

  • This mod is entirely separate from the game's own controls menu, you'll have to configure your keybinds in the mod's own config menu which opens with F7 and can be navigated with the numpad
  • Hint texts still show the original keybinds

The mod's been tested extensively in free-roam and a good chunk of the story, but there may still be issues in missions, so feedback is appreciated.