GTA IV Save Editor


A simple tool that can convert GTA IV savefiles into a readable format and vice versa.


IVSaveEditor (parse/generate) <filename in> <filename out>

To convert SGTA402 to a readable format:
IVSaveEditor parse SGTA402
The tool will then create SGTA402.txt that can be freely edited

To convert SGTA402.txt back to a savegame:
IVSaveEditor generate SGTA402.txt SGTA402
The new SGTA402 file can then be put back into the savegames folder


  • SimpleVars: Done
  • PlayerInfo: Done
  • ExtraContent: Done
  • Scripts: Not documented yet
  • Garages: Done
  • GameLogic: Done
  • PathFind: Not documented yet
  • Pickups: Not documented yet
  • Restart: Done
  • Radar: Done
  • Zones: Done
  • Gangs: Done
  • CarGenerators: Not documented yet
  • Stats: Done
  • IplStore: Done
  • StuntJumps: Done
  • Radio: Done
  • Objects: Not documented yet
  • Relationships: Done

Supported versions: