Fixes and improves various parts of the game - re-enables multiplayer via OpenSpy, fixes the HUD and FOV on widescreen resolutions, removes the FPS cap and forced VSync, and more!


  • Use OpenSpy for Multiplayer
  • Fix the stretched HUD and zoomed in FOV without breaking menus
  • Remove 100FPS limit
  • Remove forced VSync
  • Force borderless windowed mode
  • Add splitscreen option into Multiplayer menu and fix instant quit (Will break online multiplayer, enable only when needed)
  • Increase the 524KB menucar limit
  • Fix backface culling on menu cars
  • Skip intro videos and remove the 5 second wait on the legal screen

Known issues:

  • In certain cases the game might not launch with the mod installed. Renaming winmm.dll to d3d9.dll usually fixes this