GTA Vice City Chaos Mod (ZChaos)


This mod does random things to your game after a set interval. (30 seconds by default)

There are way over 400 different effects that can happen, and the list is only growing with each update! Anything from giving the player health, to teleporting them, changing the physics, removing car wheels, making the whole world spin and much more.

A full documented list of effects can be found here.


The mod is highly tweakable, allowing you to have the exact experience you want. Just press F7 at any time, and with the numpad, you will be able to configure any of these options to your heart's content.

Main Options:

  • Toggle the mod on and off
  • Choose whether the mod automatically enables when the game starts

Recommended Features:

  • Autosaving, which makes the save menu appear after every passed mission

UI Options:

  • Change the scale and color pattern of the timer bar
  • Change the position, scale, color and style of the effects list on-screen

Behavior Options:

  • Change the amount of time between each new effect
  • Twitch voting
  • Trigger an effect when someone subscribes on Twitch
  • Synced effects, using a global timer to make multiple instances of the mod on different PCs have the same effects happen simultaneously
  • Bind a key to triggering an effect

Effect Options:

  • Preset filters to disable unstable, controversial or DMCA effects
  • Manual tweaks to effects, letting you change the length of and disable any effect

Audio Options:

  • Change the volume of effects that have sound

Difficulty Options:

  • Change the difficulty to change the available effects and the frequency of bad effects

Twitch Voting Options:

  • Choose whether the mod reconnects to Twitch automatically
  • Change the color scheme of the voting display
  • Choose between proportional and majority voting (Proportional: Votes are a percentage chance, Majority: The effect with the most votes always wins)
  • Change the command for voting (1 2 3 4 or c1 c2 c3 c4)
  • Change the amount of effects available to be voted on (any amount between 2 and 9)
  • Make the voting command alternate between 1 2 3 4 and 5 6 7 8 to prevent votes bleeding over, and to allow more than one identical vote per 30 seconds on Twitch
  • Change the method in which the voting display is drawn (Separate window, on-screen or in an .html file)
  • Mark Unpicked Effects (Off: The same effect will not be available again until every other effect has won the vote at least once, On: The same effect will not be available again until every other effect has appeared in the voting window)