ZMenu FlatOut + Chaos Mod


A powerful in-game trainer for FlatOut. Includes a variety of features - from simple ones like godmode and infinite nitro to advanced ones like mouse camera rotation, first person and vehicle air control.

Default controls:

  • F7 to toggle menu
  • Numpad to navigate
  • RCTRL + Num1 to fix car
  • RCTRL + Num2 to flip car
  • ] (hold) for car speedup
  • F6 for airbreak

A full documented list of effects in Chaos can be found here.


  • Built-in chaos mod with more than 200 effects and Twitch voting support
  • Quake/Half-Life movement with bhopping, surfing, sharking, etc.
  • Save/load 25 teleport coordinates
  • Teleport to others
  • Save/load 256 states of car velocity, position and rotation
  • Disable car engine damage without disabling deformation
  • Disable all forms of vehicle damage
  • Disable car deformation without disabling engine damage
  • Fix cars
  • Make vehicles spin
  • Warp vehicles forward/backward without affecting velocity
  • Drive on Walls
  • Vehicle turbo, superbrake and fast cornering
  • Change car gravity
  • GTA style vehicle air control
  • Infinite Nitro
  • Disable Nitro
  • Disable auto-reset when outside the map
  • Refill health and nitro
  • Built-in One Hit KO / OHKO toggle
  • Show player coordinates
  • Mouse-controlled camera rotation
  • Controller (right stick) controlled camera rotation
  • Add/remove money
  • Lock to current camera angle
  • Free camera with adjustable tilt and FOV
  • Disable HUD in-game
  • First person camera
  • Custom mounted camera with an adjustable angle and position relative to the driver or car
  • Move the trainer anywhere and change its size and amount of options displayed
  • Force game settings such as track, gamemode, lap count, player car, event type and sub event type
  • Full VR head tracking support (for displaying the image, use either VorpX, or Reshade with the SuperDepth3D_VR shader and Virtual Desktop)