ZMenu Persona 5 + Chaos Mod


A powerful in-game trainer for Persona 5 Royal.

Default controls:

  • F7 to toggle menu
  • Numpad to navigate
  • F6 for airbreak


  • Built-in randomizer for enemy encounters, enemy types, personas, skills and traits
  • Built-in chaos mod with Twitch voting support (WIP)
  • Built-in roomscale VR support with head tracking (WIP)
  • Option to disable all keyboard & mouse input
  • Option to disable pausing on focus loss
  • Save/load teleport coordinates
  • Change playermodel in the overworld (currently doesn't work in Palaces)
  • Spawn any character anywhere
  • Heal everyone in the party
  • Change current Navigator
  • Enable/disable Showtime combinations at any point in the story
  • Edit party members' HP, SP, level and total XP
  • Unlock/lock party members at any time in the story
  • Enable/disable the ability to change the party lineup
  • Add any skill to any character, including unused and unobtainable skills as well as impossible combinations
  • Add any Persona to any character's Persona list, including unused and unobtainable ones
  • Change the stats and traits of any party member's Persona
  • Fill the Persona Compendium
  • Warp to any level in the game, such as any dungeon, any part of the city, any level of Mementos or even the title screen
  • Call any event, such as confidant hangouts, various parts of the story, etc.
  • Add/remove any item, including unused ones
  • Change the current Hideout
  • Edit the available travel locations on the map
  • Infinite HP, SP and Ammo
  • Edit the palace security level
  • Airbreak
  • Disable collisions, allowing you to walk through walls
  • Edit social stats (Knowledge, Charm, Proficiency, Guts, Kindness)
  • Edit any confidant's XP and level
  • Add/remove money
  • Add/remove P Medals
  • Add/remove Flowers
  • Add/remove Casino Coins
  • Add/remove cash spent on Tanaka's Shady Commodities
  • Change the amount of Stamps available
  • Scale the player
  • Change the background music to any track in the game
  • Change the behavior of moves (e.g. make all attacks hit, reflect, drain, etc.)
  • Change the behavior of ailments (make all ailment skills and skills with chances of ailments apply any kind of ailment)
  • Built-in One Hit KO / OHKO toggle
  • Disable healing for extra difficulty
  • Make all guns have a max ammo capacity of 1
  • Free camera (Keyboard & mouse controlled freecam)
  • Change the camera FOV to a set value or add a multiplier to the game's FOV
  • Change the camera's aspect ratio
  • Warp to any date in the calendar
  • Restart the current day
  • Advance time to the next time slot
  • Call any script function at any time
  • Edit encounters (enemy types, music, etc.)
  • Log all script calls
  • Toggle any bit flag


Supported versions:

  • Any Steam version should work (NOT compatible with GamePass, buy the game)