Here's the monthly update for April, there were a ton of new events and updates this month!

I have updated ZMenu for FlatOut 2 and FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, adding chaos mods with over 100 effects for each one along with the usual Twitch voting support, as well as modernizing the menu itself along with its UI, fixing tons of bugs that were present in the older versions from 2021.

ZMenu for GTA IV has had a ton of updates as well, increasing the amount of chaos effects from around 250 to over 330! Many chaos effects have been added into the menu itself as regular options as well, such as honk boosting and a toggle for the on-mission flag.

There is now also a ZMenu for Midtown Madness 2 with the usual options including chaos, and a potential new one in progress for Motocross Madness 2 as well.

Almost all of the ZMenu chaos mods have had tons of updates this month, improving and extending them from the feedback and experience from numerous Twitch streamers, such as DustinEden, DoVe_7, KuruHS and Hugo_One. There are a ton of new effects across the board as well as a save/load feature for settings so you don't have to set everything up each restart.

In terms of mod requests, thank you to Armani Diamond for requesting a revamped HUD for GTA V.