Welcome to another really late recap of the past 2 months! Apparently this is a bi-monthly thing now with how little time I can find for it.

Though that doesn't mean there haven't been any updates, in fact quite the contrary:

I've released ZPatch and ZMenu for NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 Remastered! It's got the usual options including Chaos, but the more interesting things are separated into ZPatch (all of which can also be found in ZMenu, ZPatch is just the improvements in a separate mod for those who don't want the other features) such as the ability to remove crash cams, fix the steering input delay, improve the collision detection allowing you to drive out of bounds and flip your car without falling through the map, an option to unlock all cars to make multiplayer less unbalanced for new players, and an authentic vanilla-like implementation of the San Andreas car camera to replace the driving camera for those who prefer it. I've also added an option to unlock the framerate, but that requires further testing as I do not have a high refresh rate display and I've heard mixed responses, some people saying it doesn't actually unlock the framerate and some saying it does. Feel free to send me any feedback on this if you have a 120hz or higher refresh rate screen.

ZMenu has had a few updates for other games as well, such as Half-Life Movement now being an option in Sleeping Dogs, as well as an add/remove money option for the game. ZMenu for Most Wanted is now up to date with ZChaos in terms of chaos effects, and has an option to randomize your car to a random stock one every time you win a race, at the request of DoVe_7.

ZPatch for NFS Most Wanted & Carbon have also been updated, with a new fix: You can reset your car when driving AI vehicles now. Flipping your truck or taxi is no longer a death sentence.

I've also updated Carbon Limit Adjuster with some stability improvements, which should hopefully fix some crashes that people have been experiencing, especially in pursuits with huge amounts of cops.

In terms of Chaos, I've added tons of new effects across the board, and some, mostly minigame related updates and improvements.

NFS Most Wanted & Carbon both have had a few new effects added:
Carbon now has the New Game :tf: effect, as well as other effects such as Teleport to Menu Map (there's a secret here, so it's not just a run killer!)
Both games now have Horizon Mode, which is a recreation of various aspects of Forza Horizon, including the skill chain system, the radio system and 100 upgrade signs scattered across the map, which fully function and give you upgrade discounts! You can collect all 100 and get free upgrades, though this will require you to get the effect multiple times.
Most Wanted now has shork. If you know, you know

Tons of updates with improvements and additions to the Chaos Multiplayer mode have been released for Most Wanted & Carbon, both of which are now (mostly) stable and playable, and have been stress tested with over 30 people in one server (thanks Kuru!), most issues that arose have already been fixed.

I've added a hardcore version of the Password Game minigame, which is still not quite finished, and is subject to changes. It's got different questions and some other twists.

I've also added another Tetris variant, NES Tetris. This is an as-authentic-as-possible recreation of the NES title, complete with sounds and detailed block graphics.
Compared to regular Tetris, NES Tetris has:

  • A scoring system, accurate to NES Tetris (except the drop bonus)
  • No bag system
  • No quickdrop
  • No drop preview
  • Different initial piece positions and rotations
  • Different preview rotations for some pieces
  • Different rotation pivots for some pieces (notably both L pieces)
  • NES level speeds (yes it has the killscreen)
  • Line clear animations
  • Sound effects
  • Delays after placing a piece
  • Starts at Level 00 instead of Level 1 (Hardcore at Level 09, Very Hardcore at Level 19)

Extra versions of NES Tetris are available in Fun Options -> Minigames, with one of them starting at Level 18, and the other starting at the killscreen, Level 25.
I've added alternate keybinds to Tetris, now allowing you to rotate with Q/E or Space/LCtrl, as well as move with WASD and the arrow keys. The keybinds stack, even if you press both in a single frame, meaning you can use this to achieve a faster playstyle, similar to how NES players do rolling, but more lame. All of my current NES Tetris minigame records have been achieved with this method, and their replays are available to view in the chaos mod menu (Fun Options -> Minigames -> Scoreboard Replays)

Minor updates to Chaos include:

  • UI Options now has an identical copy of the Vote Display menu, even though it makes no sense to have it there as you still have to enable voting itself in Behavior Options, but people keep saying it should be there, so it's there now.

  • Minigame reward timers are now stackable, potentially giving you tons of No Chaos, or whatever other reward you pick.

ZGame has also been updated, with a complete port of the physics engine from Bullet3 to Jolt, which should fix a lot of physics issues with vehicles. I've managed to add a bike to the game now with this new physics engine, as with Bullet3 it was previously near impossible to get bikes to work without major collision bugs.

In other news, if you've had issues extracting my .asi files, that should be fixed now. Windows Explorer is apparently broken and I had to use a different .zip packer to make them compatible with it.