Welcome back to the monthly recap of the worrying amount of stuff I've done!

Firstly, I've released a new mod for NFS Underground, Most Wanted and Carbon that increases various limits in the game, such as the amount of cops in a pursuit, the amount of opponents in a race, and the traffic density. You can now have cop chases with up to 255 cops at the same time, and races against 200 opponents! There may still be some instability, but it's honestly a miracle that it works at all, as a ton of limits had to be manually increased for this to run.

I've also released a fairly important update for NFS Most Wanted Map Loader, adding support for the game's shaders, making custom maps cast shadows, appear in reflections, show up in the rear-view mirror and more. This option is disabled by default as it's incredibly hard on the framerate, but for smaller maps it can look amazing.

I've also released some updates for ZHalfLife for the old GTA games, adding various helpful features for speedrunners, such as an autosave and an in-game loadless timer. I've also added a crowbar viewmodel for III and VC, since those games don't have separate weapon models.

In Chaos news, I've added another new minigame! You can now play Snake within Chaos Mod for GTA and NFS. The game gets progressively faster and there's an achievement for reaching 50 points.
Speaking of Chaos, NFS ZChaos has been updated with tons of new effects, making use of my new Limit Adjuster by having effects that spawn way too many cops, make hundreds of taxis rain from the sky, and much more.
GTA ZChaos has been updated as well, with Classic Griefer Jesus in San Andreas, as well as achievements & stat tracking backported to III and VC chaos.

Something a bit less important but still noteworthy is that I've put up all my old GTA IV mods onto my website! You can now browse back through my modding history and get some of my older mods such as Character Switch and Cutscene Collisions.

That's it for this month, thank you to all patrons for your support!