Thank you for all your support, and welcome to another "monthly" recap. This one is gonna be pretty huge so let's just get into it.

First off, I've created a game! Kind of! It's basically just ZMenu features shoved together with a DX9-based engine I wrote, but it does have planes, cars, helicopters and bunnyhopping, and that's all that matters.

Secondly, Chaos has received a ton of new updates for a variety of games! Need for Speed finally has Griefer Jesus, and tons of the usual spawning effects like TABLE, Spawn 24/7, and Spawn Swingset. A lot more effects have been ported over from GTA as well, like the drunk cam, Definitive Edition and more.

Speaking of Chaos, I've released a brand new Chaos Mod for Half-Life 2! It already has more than 100 effects, many of which are from GTA and/or NFS, but it has a ton of exclusive effects as well. Special thanks to JeepyGMI for being the first person to playtest it live.

And finally a pretty unexpected one, I've created a tool that loads custom maps into NFS games, including Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet and World! All maps made with the tool are cross compatible, and they have proper collisions, LOD support, and streaming. As an example, Liberty City and San Andreas from the 3D universe have both been fully ported using this tool and are stable. The framerate might fluctuate on unoptimized maps but if the map is optimized it can be fairly high, i.e. on Liberty City you can easily get above 100FPS.