Welcome to another monthly recap! Almost on time, too! Let's get into it.

Firstly, most of my Chaos mods now have an option to trigger a random effect whenever someone subcribes on Twitch! If you have a large audience, this can lead to a LOT of chaos, especially if they're ready to drop tons of giftsubs.

In more specific Chaos news, I've pushed major updates to ZChaos III and VC, backporting almost all of the effects from my SA chaos mod into those games. Say hi to Griefer Jesus, Pepega World, Low Res Gaming, Forced Geoguessr and a lot more.

ZMenu has also had a few changes recently, ZMenu V has been updated with a few quality of life improvements, such as a Search menu that makes it way easier to find menu options, IV Handling no longer causing all vehicles to get deleted, tons of small fixes, and even a wireframe toggle.

And lastly, thank you to DeSinc for making a video on ZHalfLife for GTA V! Can't say I expected that one.