Here's the monthly status update as per usual, this month was quite eventful!

Firstly, I now have a website! All of my mods as well as my Discord, Patreon and YouTube can be found here, along with changelogs and descriptions for each mod.

ZMenu for GTA SA, IV, V, NFS Most Wanted, Carbon and ProStreet now have full Twitch voting support for their chaos mods, just connect to a Twitch channel's chat and it will pop up a voting window, after which all votes are read from chat and used to pick each new effect.

Chaos mod has now been implemented into NFS ProStreet, which currently has over 80 effects and Twitch voting support. NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon have also had a few more effects added, they now both have over 120 effects implemented.

The chaos mod for my GTA IV ZMenu has had a full rework to port it to the updated chaos system that I've been using for NFS games.

ZMenu itself has expanded at an unprecedented rate to many more games this month. There are now menus for Saints Row: The Third, NFS ProStreet, NFS Undercover and NFS Underground 2. The existing NFS menus have also been highly improved with many more features as well as UI fixes, making the UI have much less bugs and higher compatiblity, for example they display properly on Intel GPUs now.

ZMenu for Saints Row: The Third includes many brand new features for the game, such as first person camera, free camera, chaos mod with Twitch voting and over 70 effects, ped and car spawning, removing map boundaries, removing speed limits from cars, airbreak, and much more.

ZPatch has also seen a few more releases recently, such as a fix for the double finish screen in NFS Carbon and a fix for the crash when hitting large objects with AI cop cars in NFS Most Wanted.

ZMenu for Red Dead Redemption 2 is nearing completion, although it still has some issues to iron out, so stay tuned on that front.

I have released the results of my research and reverse engineering of NFS Carbon onto GitHub as Carbon-SDK, which can be used to make your own mods for the game in a much easier fashion. Both ZMenu and ZPatch for the game have been built off of this project.

In terms of mod requests, thank you to Armani Diamond for requesting a fuel system for GTA V.